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Our environmentally controlled lab conforms to the guidelines established in ANSI/NCSL  Z-540-1,  MIL STD 45662 and ISO 17025.


Upon receipt of customer equipment each item will be:

  • Logged and marked per customer identification number
  • Visually inspected and cleaned
  • Examined to identify its current level of accuracy
  • Calibrated to manufacturer’s or customer specifications
  • Certified to standards and guidelines established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology



Customer equipment requiring adjustment will be recalibrated with the appropriate master standards and sealed.


A certification of calibration or conformance will accompany each instrument calibrated by Mountain Metrology and Repair, Inc.

 The certification will document:

·                     Instrument measurement accuracy upon receipt

·                     Instrument measurement corrections

·                     Serial number of the instrument calibrated

·                     Certificate of calibration number

·                     Condition of instrument at time of inspection

·                     Traceability number of the standard  used for calibration

·                     Referenced calibration procedure used

·                     Signature of the technician who performed calibration


Mountain Metrology and Repair will provide pickup and delivery to customers within Metro Colorado Springs at no charge. Pickups and deliveries outside of Metro Colorado Springs will be available and subject to a small mileage fee. Pickup and Delivery provided by commercial freight carriage are at customer expense.


Calibration of customer equipment will be handle daily on a first in, first out (FIFO). Turnaround time for instruments requiring calibration only is five to seven working days after receipt. Expedited delivery is available upon request at an additional charge.  Items requiring repair in addition to calibration will include replacement parts plus labor. If such cost exceed 60% of item replacement cost, customer will be notified for authorization to perform repairs and calibration.


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